Vol 8 No. 18 - January 23, 2008

Fantasy Travel makes trips a dream

AMISUN Business Story
Pieter Hahn and Ben Mixter own Fantasy Travel.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

According to Pieter Hahn and Ben Mixter, the travel industry is alive and well in Bradenton. The two brothers who own Fantasy Travel on Cortez Road West, say they have never been busier and are in the process of renovating their office to better accommodate their staff and clients.

Since 2000, when Hahn and Mixter purchased the well established Fantasy Travel, they have worked towards building confidence with their clients and providing the best possible service.

Originally from Cape Cod, they both have backgrounds in the hospitality business with careers in hotels, restaurants and private clubs. Both of them, along with their staff of 10 regular travel specialists and an additional 10 outside agents, provide a full range of travel services for every travel need large and small.

Finding the right fit for their clients and providing advice and service is what Fantasy Travel is all about. Its travel specialists can council you on cruises, European rail vacations, honeymoons and everything in between.

In addition, its Dedicated Group Department will organize and frequently escort group tours. Even day trips and short hops within Florida are organized by Fantasy Travel for neighborhood and condominium associations as well as clubs and lodges.

Every year, the brothers arrange a customer appreciation cruise, usually in the fall with Florida departures. 2008 will be the fifth year they are sponsoring the cruise, which is a great value for their clients with preferential rates, transportation to the cruise port, cocktail parties and other amenities and financial savings. Last year their customer appreciation cruise was attended by 360 people include Fantasy Travel’s staff.

Hahn and Mixter are quick to point out that booking a trip with Fantasy Travel provides the security of having someone at the other end of the phone all the time if a problem occurs, a service generally not available when booking on-line. Ben Mixter told me one day he found himself driving clients to their cruise ship when a mix-up resulted in missing their ride to the cruise port. 

In addition, Fantasy often provides credits or perks to its clients, and its services with the exception of modest service fees on some bookings, are no cost to the consumer.

Home visits are also possible if you would like to plan your trip from the comfort of your living room, and part of its new office renovation will include a concierge area to provide clients privacy when making specialty travel plans.

Pieter Hahn said that one of the most popular travel trends emerging is family cruises to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and reunions. Each has his/her privacy and choice of activities, and there aren’t any dirty dishes to clean up.

Hahn and Mixter love their work and say their clients have really become their family. Their motto is, "Life’s a trip – take one." So take a trip to Fantasy Travel and have your fantasies come true.

Fantasy Travel
6630 Cortez Road W., Bradenton
Monday  – Friday,  9 a.m. to  6 p.m.
Saturdays in season: 10 a.m.  to 1 p.m.
Sundays and evenings by appointment
(941) 795-3900

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