Vol. 8 No. 42 - July 9, 2008


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryA first for the fourth

They came from small condos and trailer parks and from large cities. They rode cars, scooters, boats and floats. One thing is for sure - the 2008 Anna Maria Fourth of July Parade was a big one. Maybe the biggest ever.

The celebrants gathered at Coquina Beach and wound their way north. There were classic cars, homemade floats on trailers, electric cars and even a Winn Dixie semi-tractor trailer. More...

Fewer 'bombs bursting in air' this year

For some the July 4 holiday was the "Sounds of Silence" and for others it was "War."

A concerted effort by the Island Fireworks Task Force to educate residents and visitors about illegal fireworks and their plans to confiscate them throughout the holiday weekend had mixed success.

"There were a lot less fireworks in the city," Sgt. John Kenney, of the Sheriff’s Office in Anna Maria reported. "It was a lot safer and quieter and there were no injuries or arrests." More...

Bridging the Gap to start on Bridge St.

When the Anna Maria Island Bridge closes Monday, Sept. 29, for six weeks of rehabilitation and repair, we’ll be on our own. Left with one direct link (the Cortez Bridge) to the mainland, access will be limited.

That’s when Bridging the Gap kicks in, offering festivities every weekend to draw people from the mainland who would normally avoid the beach due to the bridge closure. It also offers something for our Island residents and visitors. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryFulfords fill Cortez for reunion

CORTEZ – More than 140 people visited Cortez over the weekend with one thing in common – the Fulford family name.

The Fulford Family Reunion was a sort of birthday gift to Mary Fulford Green, who recently turned 83 years old. She said there were Fulfords there that she never knew existed.

"David Fulford, of Tampa, was the son of Dave, who came to Cortez after a hurricane in the 1920s," she said. "Dave moved to Tampa and David is his son." More...

August 26 primary to decide some races

Several of the races on the Aug. 26 primary ballot will be deciding races. Since only Republicans have qualified in a number of contests, including the one for the county commission district that includes the Island, Cortez, a portion of Longboat Key and a large section of Bradenton, they have been declared universal primaries.

Usually in a primary election only Republicans select from among republican candidates and Democrats select from among Democratic candidates. More...

FDOT finishes boat-bridge height study

If the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) were to replace the current drawbridge with a 65-foot-tall, fixed-span structure, only a small number of boats would not fit under it.

According to a study conducted from March 13 through June 3, only three of the 1,090 boats that used the channel were more than 65 feet tall. The results were printed in a newsletter distributed by FDOT last week. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryRelay for Life raises $30,000

The 2008 Relay for Life held in May raised more than $30,000 for the American Cancer Society, $10,000 more than last year’s event.

Seventeen teams, more than twice the number from 2007’s relay, camped overnight at Coquina Beach and held a 24-hour relay walk around an oval track lighted with luminarias to honor cancer survivors and commemorate cancer victims. More...

Referendum language settled

ANNA MARIA – How do you change a city’s comprehensive plan?

Come November, the city’s registered voters will be asked to answer that question. Residents will decide in a referendum whether or not they want a super majority vote of the commission to determine whether changes can be made to the land use element of the comp plan. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryDavid Scott: Babies are his business

It’s kind of like having triplets at the age of 60 – he cradles one baby and feeds it a bottle while rocking a second baby’s carrier with his foot while softly talking to a third baby happily playing with colorful stuffed shapes on a mat on the floor.

For David Scott, of Holmes Beach, it’s just another day at the "office," only Scott’s office is a room filled with cribs, play mats, rockers and toys and up to six babies. Scott is the lead teacher in the infant classroom in the Selby Preschool at Children’s Haven and Adult Community Services, commonly known as The Haven. More...

reel time

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryAll the Best': Celebrating Lefty Kreh

Flip Pallot’s new book "All the Best," is both a tribute to and biography of the life of Lefty Kreh. The coffee table-sized book tells the story of Kreh’s extraordinary life through pictures and the words of Pallot, Kreh and people that played an important role in his life. Arguably the most important angling figure in the 20th century, Kreh’s life is a compelling chronicle of a man who lifted himself and his family from crushing poverty with a combination of will and humor. Pallot is the perfect person to tell this story because of his long and close association with Kreh. More...

real estate

Now is the perfect time to buy

It’s 4 o’clock on a Friday, an hour away from happy hour in bars, restaurants and on lanais, and take my word for it plenty of people have a good reason to imbibe this week. The stock market is down over 100 points, just today ending this particular week with a new low of 11,346, oil is over $140 barrel and going up, gas at the pump is over $4 a gallon and climbing, and the air conditioner seems to never stop running. In spite of what is turning out to be a dreary economic year, there is still some good news. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryBridge Street packed for market

How would describe the color of coconut? If you ask Peggy Dean and Sara Gafvert the owners of one of Holmes Beach’s newest shops, The Color of Coconut, they would say it can be whatever you want it to be. And that’s exactly the point. Their goal is to give their customers the opportunity to create their own unique look.

Dean and Galvert wanted their shop to be an oasis of color smack dab in the middle of Anna Maria Island and stocked with merchandise not found anywhere else. They wanted their customers to be immersed in fabric with color and texture that has been turned into comfortable and stylish fashion. But mostly they just wanted their customers to have the best time shopping. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story
Investment Corner

Someone famous (I can’t remember who, and could not find the exact quote) once said that return of principal was more important than return on principal. The obvious implication is that efforts to earn high rates of return, when ultimately unsuccessful, are more hurtful than the safer pursuit of more moderate returns where return of your original investment, plus a modest profit, is preferable to sustaining a big loss which needs to be recovered. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Turtle nest numbers way up

The number of sea turtle nests this summer is way up, not only on the Island, but also on the beaches immediately to our south and north, according to Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch Director Suzi Fox.

"We’re having a wonderful year," Fox said. "We have 99 nests so far. Last year at this time, we had 68 nests, and the year before, we had 66." More...


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