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Vol. 11 No. 26 - March 30, 2011


Ross Built Vikings are Super Bowl Champs

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Ross Built Construction Vikings are the
Community Center's NFL Flag Football Division II
Super Bowl Champions.

The Sun sports Game of the Week was the Division II (10-12-year-old) NFL Flag Football Super Bowl Championship game and represented the largest age group for the children's divisions. The AFC champion Holy Cow Colts played the NFC champion Ross Built Construction Vikings. Bringing the end to the Community Center's largest program ever. The entire season ended Saturday with Super Bowl games in every age group.

The Ross Built Construction Vikings led the NFC division most of the year and were the first place seed in the playoffs. The Holy Cow Colts though had to take a different path through the AFC. The Colts had to defeat the undefeated, and league leading, Walter & Associates Steelers to advance to the Super Bowl. The emotional last second win to defeat the Steelers seemed to take its toll on the Colts.

The first half of the Super Bowl was all Vikings who scored on every drive. On their first drive, they used a tricky double reverse to Hayden Brewer, who ran it 12 yards for the touchdown. The extra point was no good, 6-0 Vikings. On their second drive, quarterback Andrew Ross threw a pass right on the money to Brewer for a 10-yard TD. The extra point was no good, 12-0 Vikings. On their third drive Andrew Ross threw to his brother Jake on a seven-yard quick hitter in the middle for the TD. The extra point was no good, 18-0 Vikings. On their fourth and last drive of the first half, Jake Ross took the handoff and streaked down the sideline for a long 35-yard TD run. The extra point was no good, 24-0 Vikings at the half. The Vikings defense shut down the usually high scoring Colts offense. Jack Coleman was all over the field and led his team with three sacks and four flag pulls. Luke Valadie also had one interception.

The second half was much of the same. Andrew Ross threw another TD to Hayden Brewer from the eight yard line. The extra point was good when Andrew Ross hit Luke Valadie in the end zone, 31-0 Vikings. Later on, Andrew Ross found a new target in Patrick Harte on a nice 30-yard catch and run for the TD. The point after failed, 37-0.

The Holy Cow Colts never gave up, and it was just one of those days. They had their chances and got the ball inside the 10-yard line multiple times, but just couldn't get it into the end zone. With less than three minutes left, the Colts got on the score board when Zach Stewart threw a nice shuttle pass to Leo Rose for the TD. The two-point conversion was no good. The Colts were highlighted by a stellar defensive performance by Joey Stewart, who had two sacks and five flag pulls. His brother Zach Stewart had six pulls. Dylan Early had 27 yards receiving and Austin Morrow threw for 39 yards.

The final score was 37-6 and the Ross Built Vikings became Super Bowl Champs.

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Other Super Bowl Highlights

Division III (8-9-year-olds) Super Bowl

Beach Bums Seahawks: Zach Fernandes threw for 160 yards, five TDs and rushed for 85 yards and one TD plus one defensive interception; Ethan Helvey had 105 yards receiving, four TDs and two extra points; Tori Walter had 55 yards receiving, two TDs and two extra points; and Daniel Sentman had one extra point.

Island Real Estate Saints: Alex Rodriquez threw for 71 yards, one TD and one defensive interception; Andrew Proctor had 49 yards receiving, one TD and three flag pulls; Jackson Hayes had 34 yards receiving and two flag pulls; and Taro de Haan had 22 yards receiving and two flag pulls.

Division I (13-16-year-olds) Super Bowl

Beach Bistro Bears: Austin Ferrer threw for 11 yards, one TD, rushed for 135 yards, two TDs, one two-point and one extra point and had one defensive interception for a TD; Nick Mello had 51 yards rushing and one TD; Henry Bernet threw for 33 yards, one TD and one defensive interception; Thomas Pears had 11 yards receiving and one TD.

Bassett, Vita, Vining & Hermann Group Raiders: Reese Vita threw for 138 yards and one TD; Danny Doyle had 55 yards receiving, one TD, seven pulls and one two-point; Michael Galati had 38 yards receiving and one two-point conversion.

Adult Co-Ed League Super Bowl

Sato Real Estate Browns: Jason Sato threw for 138 yards, three TDs, four pulls and one defensive interception; Josh Sato had 60 yards rushing, 44 receiving, two TDs and one interception; Tommy Tyrell had 38 yards receiving, one TD and one extra point; Casey Wagner had five yards receiving, one TD, three pulls and one interception; Amy Smith had five yards receiving and one extra point.

MartiniVille Bears: Danny Murphy threw for 152 yards, one TD and six pulls; Tyler Bekkerus had 53 yards receiving and one TD; Ryan Hogan had 38 yards receiving and one interception.

Game Summaries

Division III (8-9-year-olds) Playoff

Island Real Estate Saints - 12
Connelly Marine Falcons – 0

Super Bowl

Island Real Estate Saints - 8
Beach Bum Seahawks – 47

Division II (10-12-year-olds) NFC Playoffs

LaPensee Plumbing Falcons 12
Ross Built Vikings 26

Ross Built Vikings 23
LPAC Cardinals 13

AFC Playoffs

Mr. Spiffy Chargers 6
Eat Here Jaguars 12

Anna Maria Oyster Bar Dolphins 23
Holy Cow Colts 40

Walter & Associates Steelers 34
Eat Here Jaguars 0

Walter & Associates Steelers 14
Holy Cow Colts 18

Super Bowl

Ross Built Vikings 37
Holy Cow Colts 6

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Yes, I do have a particular love for fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I believe these critters have saved me from breast cancer, which afflicted my mom, aunt and both sisters, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and arthritis that also zapped them and everyone on else up and down the family tree. Doctors told me at an early age to do things differently to avoid that fate. As I often say, if you had my family history, you'd be motivated too.

I grew up in hospitals watching my family trying to survive. At 28, the same year my sister got breast cancer, I almost died of a colon blockage. Doctors told me I would need to be on medication the rest of my life. I thought I was too young and began what has been a lifelong investigative reporting job of my life – trying to figure out dietary truths.

Simply by adding more fiber to my diet, I never needed any medication to do what nature does easily. The typical American diet provides about 20 grams of fiber daily. But if you eat a lot more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, fiber can easily soar to 40 to 50 grams, no problem.

We are orphaned way too young. Parents and siblings may survive disease, but how we cope is another story. My parents lived to ripe old ages, but they were so sick from preventable diseases by the time I had children, they couldn't pick up my kids, let alone babysit them.

As former president Bill Clinton told CNN's Larry King of his decision to eat vegan (no meat or dairy), "As it drew closer to my needing a third heart stent and Chelsea's wedding, I realized I wanted to be there for the grandchildren."

Last November, Business Week ran, "The Rise of the Power Vegans…Steve Wynn, Russell Simmons, Bill Clinton and a comparable cast of heavies are now using tempeh (a grain and soy product commonly found at Publix) to assert their superiority." Wynn, who owns much of Las Vegas, said he encourages employees to give up meat and dairy, "If they're sick, we're picking up the tab. If I can keep them healthier, I'm acting like a smart businessman."

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