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Vol. 12 No. 41 - July 25, 2012


Jets soar above Saints

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Scott Dell | sun
Lindsey Weaver, of Jessie's Island Store Jets, with the
catch and run before Michelle Diaz, of Beach to
Bay Construction, pulls her flag during AMICC
Adult Co-Ed Summer Flag Football.

The Sun sports game of the week was an adult co-ed flag football game featuring the Beach to Bay Construction Saints and the Jessie’s Island Store Jets. Eight teams grace the gridiron this summer season. All are seeking the Community Center’s coveted title of Adult Co-Ed Super Bowl Champion.

The Beach to Bay Construction Saints won the toss and capitalized on their first possession. With second down and five, quarterback Larry Berkery threaded the needle to a diving Jason Mickan in the middle of the end-zone for the touchdown. The extra point was good on a Berkery to Shawn Kaleta pitch and catch, 7-0 Saints.

On the first possession for the Jessie’s Island Store Jets, they went three and out, thanks to a sack from Scott Eason on a big third down play early in the game. The Jets did the same on defense when they forced the Saints to a three and out on their next possession. With the big stop on defense, the Jets offense marched down the field mainly due to a long 30-yard catch and run by Ian Fetters. On second and goal from the eight-yard line, Jason Mickan, of the Saints, intercepted the pass in the end-zone and returned it the entire length of the field for the pick-six touchdown. The extra point was no good, 13-0 Saints.

With five minutes left in the half, quarterback Matt Piermarini threw a crossing route to Adam Mott for the five yard TD. The extra point was good on a sideline out pass to Fetters, 13-7 Saints. The half ended with a drive ending interception by Robert Mandrine of the Jets and an exciting 40-yard quarterback run by Berkery that was stopped short on the five-yard line as time expired.

The Jessie’s Island Store Jets started the second half with the ball on offense. They didn’t waste any time, and on second down, Piermarini threw a 33-yard bomb into the end-zone to Fetters for the TD. The extra point was no good, tie game 13-13. The Jets defense forced the Saints to a three and out and the offense took advantage of the opportunity. Piermarini led his team methodically down the field. On third and goal from the five-yard line, Kyle Stopa caught a middle crossing pass for the TD. The extra point was unsuccessful, and the Jets took the lead 19-13 for the first time.

The Saints did not have any substitute players in this game and with only seven minutes to play, fatigue was setting in. They again went three plays and out on offense. Piermarini sensed this and on second down sent Stopa on a jet fly pattern and connected for the 40-yard TD. The extra point was good on a diving catch in the corner by Stopa, 26-13 Jets.

Kaleta had a little left in the tank for the Saints, and with four minutes left, he took a hand-off and ran 45 yards for the touchdown. The extra point was unsuccessful, and the Saints were within a score. With two minutes left, the Saints defense came through with two huge Eason deflected passes and an incompletion, each time stopping the clock and giving the ball back to the Saints with only 17 seconds used. The Saints moved the ball up field on their first two plays, but on the third down play, they fell two yards short of picking up the much needed first down.

The Jets took over possession and with less than one minute left, were able to run the clock out. The exhausted Saints players gave it all they had and the exciting back and forth game ended with the Jets soaring to victory 26-13.

Youth Indoor Soccer

5-7-year-olds results

Bowes Imaging Center  12
Southern Greens  5
Alessandro Rincon scored 10 goals, Mikey Bowes had one goal and Aliva Enzo chipped in with one goal for the Bowes Imaging Center win. Travis Bates scored three goals, Alanna Belfiore scored one goal and Samual Meddick scored one goal for the Southern Greens team.

8-10-year-olds results

Gettel Toyota  2
LaPensee Plumbing  2
Sam Bowers scored one goal and Ava Zink scored one goal for the Gettel team tie. Tyler Brewer scored one goal and Ava Zink scored one goal for the LaPensee Plumbing team tie.

Beach Bums  6
Gettel Toyota  4
Ozzie Lonzo scored two goals, Luke Marvin scored two goals and Avila Didier and Madelyn Rogers each scored one goal for the Bach Bums win. Sam Bowers scored two goals and Lilah Bowers and Ava Zink each scored one goal for the Gettel Toyota team.

Beach Bistro  10
LaPensee Plumbing  6
Jayse Berzowski scored four goals, Julius Petereit scored four goals, and Andrew Burgess and Thomas Fellows each scored one goal for the Beach Bistro win. Tyler Brewer scored five goals and Chris Snyder added one goal for the LaPensee Plumbing team.

11-13 year-olds results

Eat Here  5
Waterfront restaurant  4
Sydney Morrow scored three goals, Danielle Capparelli and Nika Ukhurgunasvili scored one goal in the Eat Here victory. Robbie Fellows scored two goals, Ryan Fellows and Morgan Burns each scored one goal for the Waterfront Restaurant team.

Air & Energy  8
Waterfront restaurant  3
James Whyte scored six goals and Stephen Whyte and Conal Cassidy each scored one goal for the Air & Energy win. Ryan Fellows scored two goals and Robbie Fellows scored one goal for the Waterfront Restaurant team.

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football League results
Jessie’s Island Store  26
Beach to Bay Construction Saints  19

Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings  41
Miller Electric Chargers  40

Agnelli Pools & Spa Dolphins  46
Slim’s Place Titans  13

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football schedule

Wednesday, July 25, 6 p.m., Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings vs. Beach to Bay Construction Saints
Wednesday, July 25, 7 p.m., Sato Real Estate Browns vs. Jessie’s Island Store Jets
Wednesday, July 25, 8 p.m., Slim’s Place Titans vs. Miller Electric Chargers
Wednesday, July 25, 9 p.m., Duffy’s Tavern Raiders vs. Agnelli Pools & Spa Dolphins
Thursday, July 26, 6 p.m., Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings vs. Jessie’s Island Store Jets
Thursday, July 26, 7 p.m., Beach to Bay Construction Saints vs. Agnelli Pools & Spa Dolphins
Thursday, July 26, 8 p.m., Slim’s Place Titans vs. Sato Real Estate Browns
Thursday, July 26, 9 p.m., Duffy’s Tavern Raiders vs. Miller Electric Chargers

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League results (Best of Three)

Best Buy 25
Florida Discount Signs Game 1 12

Best Buy  15
Florida Discount Signs Game 2 25

Best Buy  17
Florida Discount Signs Game 3 25

Lobstahs restaurant  25
The Feast restaurant Game 1 10

Lobstahs restaurant25
The Feast restaurant Game 2 6

Lobstahs restaurant  25
The Feast restaurant Game 1 9

Lobstahs restaurant25
The Feast restaurant Game 2 20


Summertime…and the living is easy

My husband and I love the Island in the summer. We venture out to restaurants and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle as the snowbirds allegedly enjoy their northern climes. Although, if any of you have friends or relatives up North and have been tracking this for decades like I have, you know that for the past few weeks, the temperatures here are 20 degrees cooler here than in the upper 49!

To watch the news, you would think that all of Colorado was burning. I was a little concerned as my book tour continued to be speaking and doing book signings at Colorado’s VegFest in Golden, just outside Denver. The nearest fire was 100 miles away, and with the rain I brought, the remaining big fires were doused.

The week before, I had spoken at five Whole Foods in four days in the Miami area. Before that, I was the headline speaker at vegetarian festivals in New Orleans, Hartford, New York, Boston, Seattle, Toronto and many more. My book came out just over a year ago, and what a year it has been. If you had told me two years ago that I would be doing this, I wouldn’t have believed you.

In Denver, as is usually the case, my publisher took me to the finest vegetarian restaurants. I posted photos of what I ate on my book facebook page, and immediately 10 people chimed in saying that was their favorite restaurant in Denver too. Later, I posted the question on my facebook page, “What is your most favorite vegan (nothing made with animals) movie that you would recommend to a friend who is thinking about making changes?” Within an hour I had 100 responses. I’m still getting responses.

It seems I’m getting as many inquiries these days about social media as I am about my book, personal training and coaching. While in Denver, my “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day” facebook page topped 10,000 fans. In one year. That, I’m told, is huge.

I continue to run with the Suncoast Striders and Manatee High Cross Country runs. You would think it’s too hot to run. Many runners take the summer off or slow down. I’ve signed up for the Halloween Halfathon (half marathon) at St. Pete Beach.

Recently, my hubby sent me a story in the New York Times he thought I’d be interested reading called, “My Vegan Marathon.” When I saw the headline, I said, “Cool! Finally, maybe someone is planning a marathon with vegan food afterwards.” There is nothing worse post-race than seeing the dairy-industry funded, free chocolate milk cartons being given out. I’ve written that there’s no money in broccoli, and the “fluid milk” industry as it is called by the USDA, has organized seminars for coaches titled “Marketing chocolate milk to kids…the ideal recovery drink.” Gag. But as I read the article, I see that it is written by blogger Christine Frietchen who started by saying she was very disappointed with her New York Marathon times, so she decided to train eating a vegan diet. I’m reading along and almost fall off the chair. She wrote, “I met Ellen Jaffe Jones, a vegan running coach who at age 59 still runs eight-minute miles. When I asked her about meatless marathon training, she said, ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing — lots of beans and whole grains.’” Christine went on, “I ran my next marathon with an improvement of more than an hour from my time nearly a decade ago…I felt great running a marathon fueled by a vegan diet.”

Holy guacamole. I traced Christine down on facebook and because she hadn’t identified herself as a reporter, I only vaguely remembered meeting her at New York’s VegFest. I loved the shoutout, and as a result, I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who found me to ask me to coach them online…as a personal trainer and/or a running coach. With Skype and facetime, I can demonstrate proper form and they can show me what they are doing. I can correct form or offer ideas as if I was right there with them. Some clients just prefer e-mail and/or phone coaching. You’ll find me on the beach most mornings coaching several non-cyber personal training clients in Couch to 5K programs. No one eats full-time vegan, but they all are very curious.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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