Vol. 13 No. 11 - December 26, 2012


Moratorium clears hurdle

HOLMES BEACH – Commissioners approved on first reading a moratorium on issuing demolition permits and building permits for any work that exceeds the threshold for substantial improvement for all residential dwelling units in the R-2 district.

The moratorium, with an effective date of Dec. 25, will be in place for no more that six months, while commissioners consider code changes. More...

Island survives ‘end of the world’

BRADENTON BEACH – Few on Bridge Street took the Mayan’s “end of the world” prediction seriously, but many decided to celebrate with friends and family just in case.

Thursday afternoon, Bradenton resident Anne Deans was making plans for her 50th Birthday on Friday.

“We’re planning on going fishing on the Bridge Street Pier and then carousing the Moose, The Drift In and the local eateries and drinkeries,” she said. “We figured we go out full swing.” More...

Board discusses duplex connection

HOLMES BEACH – After considerable discussion and hearing new information, commissioners agreed to continue their discussion on underground connections for duplexes.

City Attorney Patricia Petruff said the underground connections, or footings, came about in the early 80s, when the city discovered that people were selling half duplexes.

“There is now in the zoning code a very clear statement that people can connect a duplex by an underground connection. More...

City to limit size of homes

HOLMES BEACH – Big homes may be a thing of the past in this city after commissioners approve an ordinance establishing a LAR (living area ratio) of .34.

“I went online to see what houses would look like at that size, and there were some really nice looking homes,” Commissioner Marvin Grossman said. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryIsland to star on TV

Larry Roberts, executive producer of thedestinationguide.com, was in town recently to shoot various locations on the Island including Minnie’s, in Holmes Beach, The Back Porch, The Bridge Tender, Jose’s Real Cuban Food in Cortez and Trade Winds Resort in Bradenton Beach. At Minnie’s, Roberts mingles with the waitresses and customers, shooting video and asking questions. The restaurant was packed. More...

Dog owner suffers bite wounds

HOLMES BEACH – A dog owner suffered wounds when another dog, a pit bull, attacked his dog at the dog park in the field north of city hall, according to a police report.

John McGuire, of Anna Maria, suffered wounds on Saturday, Dec. 15, around 12:40 p.m. after Lisa Horn, of Holmes Beach came to the park and her unleashed dog immediately approached his foxhound terrier Pomeranian mix and attacked it. McGuire tried to protect his dog, which he said was yelping from pain, but Horn’s pit bull bit him on the hand. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story City recognizes Romine for service

HOLMES BEACH – The city said goodbye to Police Chief Jay Romine in a ceremony of recognition last week. Romine announced on Dec.7 that he would be retiring on Dec. 20.

“Thank you,” Romine said. “I wondered when this day would come, and all of a sudden it’s here. It’s been a great ride, and I had a wonderful time. More...

City waits for permits on pier renovation

BRADENTON BEACH – City officials are waiting for permission from federal agencies to replace pilings under the Bridge Street Pier and shorten the floating day dock. Both structures were damaged by storms this summer and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has approved the pier project, but there is a delay, according to Building Official Steve Gilbert.

“We learned that FDEP no longer does Army Corps of Engineers reviews,” he said at a recent meeting of the Pier Team, adding that is slowing the city’s attempt to get a permit. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryDamon Fowler: hooked on the blues

BRADENTON BEACH – Nationally renowned guitarist and singer Damon Fowler will be traveling worldwide in 2013, but he didn’t have to travel far to play the inaugural Bradenton Blues Festival with his new band, Southern Hospitality.

The 33-year-old Brandon native has called Bradenton Beach home for the past four years making the Bradenton Blues Festival a local gig. Commenting on the first year festival, Fowler said, “Everybody did a great job. The gig was great and it was an amazing crowd.” More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Local businessmen support scallop restoration

I have always been a great fan of fishing guides. They are a great initiation to the local waters, and indispensable in foreign ports. Not only do you get the benefit of a guide’s considerable knowledge of where to find fish, but you get a lesson in the natural world as well. Most guides not only take you to the action, but they will show you some of the area’s most beautiful natural assets. More...

real estate

Ring in the new year with a high credit score

You can make all the New Year’s resolutions you want about exercise and diet, knowing full well that you’ll probably un-resolution them before February. But there is a resolution you should keep, which is just as important as eating your greens and showing up at the gym, and that’s improving the health of your credit score.

Having a good credit score is increasingly becoming more important in your ability to borrow money at favorable rates on mortgages, car loans and improving your eligibility for the best credit cards. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryCaribbean flair at Banana Cabana

There are over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, and they all have that special relaxed let’s-just-hang- out attitude. Anna Maria Island has its own version of the Caribbean style in thriving Bradenton Beach, within walking distance of everything. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Preparing for potentially higher tax rates

Investment Corner

The end of one year, the start of a new one is traditionally a time to reflect and also to look forward to new opportunities. As 2012 comes to a close, I am struck by the generally negative tone of the people we meet and talk to about the state of the economy and the prospects for things to improve, despite evidence that the economy is growing and has been gaining momentum recently. Of course, many are obsessed about what might happen with tax rates on both ordinary income and investment related activity. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryLegendary golfer Hollis Stacy inspires kids

World Golf Hall of Fame professional golfer Hollis Stacy shared her passion for golf with the aspiring children of the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s Bud Stokes Junior Golf program. Last week at Key Royale Club, seven lucky children in the program were treated to a surprise visit from Hollis and received two hours of instruction from the legendary golfer.

Hollis Stacy said, “Golf has been such a big part of my life, I really enjoy working with young aspiring golfers to ensure the future of the sport.” More...

Good news at Senior Games

Feasting on Fitness

As I write this, yet another tragedy is breaking about someone murdering children at an elementary school. Oddly enough, I didn’t even know about it until I posted a shopping-on-a-budget video on my book’s Facebook page and a commenter wrote, “How can we talk about shopping with this insanity going on?”

I had intended to write about my experience at the Florida International Senior Games last weekend. (Yes, there were athletes from outside the U.S.) I figure the media will be filled with stories about this horrible shooting and others from the past. But I only get about 200 words here, so I’m going to try and write a positive story about a positive experience I recently had. More...

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