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Vol. 16 No. 45 - September 7, 2016


Salty Printing challenges Harry's Grill

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Strong man Ewan Cloutier, for Team Salty Printing, dribbles by
Kenny Neiring for Team Harry's Grill during the mid-season match-up.

Leading to the mid-point of the youth basketball season, the first two teams to go head-to-head matched up again on Tuesday, Aug. 30. The five-to nine-year old super stars continue to pound the court with outstanding offensive runs and tough defensive play.

With only four players at the game for Harry's Grill, Team Salty Printing showed the type of sportsmanship always encouraged by The Center by also only putting four players into action. Center Grayson Mitchell was joined by his teammates Alex Cox, Kenny Neiring and Colin Bankert.

Salty Printing sent Harrison Schenerlein, Mason Moss, Jack McCarthy and Kieran Cloutier into the game for the tipoff.

Just minutes into the game, the staggering level of improvement of the players for each team was evident. The strong bounce pass of McCarthy to Cloutier was stolen by Team Harry's Neiring. His shot was just short of the rim for the first shot of the game.

McCarthy took the ball down court for Salty Printing and took his shot, but came up short. Cox, for Harry's Grill, also had a shot before Salty Printing regained possession of the ball.

After impressive defense moves by Salty Printing preventing its opponent from shooting near the basket, Schenerlein found the scoring opportunity making the first basket of the game 2-0 with two minutes on the clock for the first period.

Both teams showed that their confidence on the court has improved in the past weeks and more aggressive play was seen on the basketball court. Neiring was called for a non-shooting foul. Redeeming himself, Neiring scored for Harry's Grill, tying up the game 2-2 at the end of the first period of play.

With another six minutes on the scoreboard, veteran referee Keith Christenson took the time to teach the players a little bit about the rules of the game between periods. This season's league is a blend of the instructional level players and the younger competitive recreational league age group.

Ewan Cloutier, Fiona McCarthy, J. McCarthy and K. Cloutier started the second period of play for Salty Printing. In a heads up move, J. McCarthy went back to the ball to help his teammate get in position for the pass.

A quick shot off the backboard by E. Cloutier could not find the net. Harry's Mitchell took the answer back shot, but F. McCarthy's strong defensive move stopped the play, blocking the shot.

Neiring passed the ball to Mitchell who found his teammate again. The quick feet of E. Cloutier put pressure on Neiring, causing him to miss the shot. Mitchell got the offensive rebound and basket to advance the score to 4-2 for Harry's Grill. E. Cloutier quickly followed up with a basket of his own once again tying the score.

Back on offense, Harry's Grill had multiple scoring chances, but came up short. Giving its team fresh legs on the court, Team Salty Printing brought Moss and Schenerlein back, speeding up the action.

Listening to his coach Moss hustled to the paint, getting into scoring possession ready to make things happen. After a stolen ball, Harry's took its offense back down the court with a layup attempt by Neiring.

The defensive rebound by Schenerlein, Harry's Grill got the ball back into the hands of Bankert, who displayed his dribbling abilities as the point guard, taking the ball to mid-court. Possession switched hands again, giving Schenerlein the chance to take a shot. The quick hands of Cox blocked the shot and denied Salty Printing the basket.

Scrappy play by Schenerlein kept the ball in play. Unsuccessful at the net, Team Salty Printing gave the ball back to its opponents with 10 seconds left on the clock for the half. Mitchell took the ball down the court for a buzzer beater, but the shot was short leaving the score tied at half-time 4-4.

Switching directions at the beginning of the second half, the referees double checked to make sure the young players remembered which hoop was theirs.

A quick layup by Neiring started the half moving the score to 6-4 with Harry's Grill in the lead. As point guard for Salty Printing, Schenerlein passed the ball to E. Cloutier.

F. McCarthy found E. Cloutier who took the ball to the hoop, but was fouled by Cox.

Harry's scoring leader in the game, Neiring stole the ball from Schenerlein, but could not score. F. McCarthy made a nice basket attempt before her team lost the ball.

Neiring took the ball down the court passing it to Mitchell, who hit the basket for a four-point lead for his team.

Skillful passing by Moss and Schenerlein was met with a foul by Neiring. With three minutes left in the third period, K. Cloutier came back into the game.

With his brother on the court, E. Cloutier shot and scored to bring the score to within two for Team Salty Printing with the score of 8-6. The nice gentle layup of Neiring moved the score to 10-6.

Bankert, determined to get to the basket, walked the ball into the paint to end the third period.

The scoreboard showed six minutes left to play in the game. The other veteran referee, Jerry Felty, provided more lessons on the court, in addition to tying shoelaces earlier in the game.

Salty Printing started the period with Moss throwing in the ball. Shooting directly under the basket, K. Cloutier attempted the shot. Mitchell got the offensive rebound followed by an immediate basket by Neiring.

With the score 12-6, Neiring showed his defensive strengths by blocking the pass of E. Cloutier. Tanking the ball down the court for another layup, Neiring spread the scoring gap to an eight-point lead for Team Harry's Grill.

Neiring followed with a huge outside shot to add two more points for his team. Schenerlein, keeping the spirit for Team Salty Printing dribbled the ball down the court, but missed the shot.

In the last two minutes of play, Salty Printing could not put the points on the board. Cox and Neiring both added baskets for Harry's Grill ending the game with the score of 18-6.

Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, August 30

Youth Basketball – Five-to Nine-Year-Old League

Sugar Beach Digital 8 (4-0)
The Waterfront 4 (1-3)

Harry's Grill 20 (3-1)
Salty Printing 6 (0-4)

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