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Vol. 16 No. 46 - September 14, 2016


Beach House Real Estate chills Tyler's Ice Cream

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monica simpson | SUN

Team Tyler's Ice Cream's Ben Sato
makes a grand leap to snag the
pass by brother Jason Sato.

After a week off of the gridiron thanks to Hurricane Hermine, the men and women of the co-ed adult Island flag football league energetically took the field Thursday night to resume the season. Under the cloak of humidity, Team Tyler's Ice Cream, affectionately known as Team Sato because of the roster, took the field to meet up against Team Beach House Real Estate in the first game of the night.

Starting on offense, Tyler's Ice Cream lined up with quarterback Jason Sato, brothers Josh, Nick and Ben Sato, and honorary Sato Laura Alderson on the field, with sister-in-law Lexi Sato on the sideline to begin the game.

Playing without their athletically blessed female player Leah Purvis, Beach House played the entire game with four players on the field. On defense, team captain Don Purvis, Jesse Griffin, Jason Mickan and Jon Moss positioned themselves to stop Tyler's Ice Cream from moving down the field.

With Alderson at center and Jason Sato in the shotgun position, the game began with a completed pass to N. Sato for a 10-yard gain. Tyler's gained sort yardage leading to third down. Team Beach House could not stop the offensive charge and first down leaping catch of Josh Sato. Moss' defensive coverage prevented the immediate touchdown.

The first down play for Tyler's Ice Cream resulted in an incomplete pass thanks to the hot on the heels pressure applied to Jason Sato by rusher Purvis. Going back to his target, Jason Sato hit B. Sato just short of end zone. Despite the strong push by the Satos, the team could not convert on third down for TD.

On their first run on offense, Purvis tossed the football to Moss behind the line of scrimmage who held on to the ball for short yardage. Griffin held on to the pass placing the ball in the pass only zone just short of the mid-field line.

The sneaky snap directly to Moss allowed Purvis to run down the field for the reception. Purvis took the ball into the end zone after scrambling, hip switching and fancy sideline footwork to elude the Sato defense.

Using the silent snap, Purvis managed to get the ball to Mickan putting up the extra point on the scoreboard.

Behind by seven points, Jason Sato passed the pigskin to Josh Sato behind the line of scrimmage who immediately got the ball off to B. Sato moving the ball out of the danger zone. Tyler's Ice Cream executed the same play but the second down play found N. Sato as the target. After the reception the receiver high stepped down the field for a first down and extra yardage before slipping at the beach house 15-yard line.

B. Sato caught the ball for a 10-yard gain with nine minutes left on the clock. Tyler's quarterback executed an awesome pass under pressure by Purvis to B. Sato for the follow-up score. The extra point conversion catch by Josh Sato tied the ball game.

After an offensive run with no points by the beach house, Team Tyler's Ice Cream took the ball down field with a long pass by Josh Sato. With the football placed at the Beach House Real Estate 15-yard line and just 45 seconds on the clock, Jason Sato made the completed pass to Josh Sato advancing the score to 7-13. The extra point attempt was no good with strong defensive pressure and a low pass by the quarterback.

With seconds left on the first half clock, Beach House Real Estate under the leadership of Purvis quickly march the ball down the field with complete passes to Moss and running by Purvis, but to no avail. The first half ended with the Satos leading the game by six points.

The second half of play started with Team Beach House on offense still short one player on the field and no substitutes on the bench. Despite the apparent disadvantage, Purvis' team remained in the game with 20 minutes left in the game.

To start the offensive run, Purvis made a long run with a double flag pull by Jason Sato. On first down, Mickan made a critical catch with Jason Sato running interference. Beach House's second down play was spoiled by a flag pull and sack by Ben Sato to end the play. After the quick pass to Mickan, Tyler's Ice Cream was called for the illegal rush giving Purvis' team a new set of downs with 16 minutes left on the clock.

Team Beach House Real Estate regained the lead after a short pass to Mickan. The referees spotted the ball in the end zone awarding them the touchdown and the point after.

With the high snap by Josh Sato, Jason Sato got the ball off to B. Sato who bobbled the ball into the hands of Mickan. With no fumbles in the Island league, Tyler's Ice Cream maintained possession of the ball at their own 15-yard line.

Team Captain L. Sato made the first down catch, putting her team past mind-field. Josh Sato made significant yardage gain on the first down, followed by an incomplete pass to N. Sato. A short snap to the quarterback resulted in the loss of possession with the missed third down play for Tyler's Ice Cream.

Purvis, who finished the game with 115 passing yards, got the ball to Moss giving him time to find Mickan. Beach House quickly launched a long pass to the hot hands of Mickan for the team's third touchdown further increasing their lead to 20-13.

With three minutes left on the clock, Team Beach House Real Estate made the two-point conversion with a high reaching reception by Moss in the corner of the end zone. The extra points was a smart strategic move forcing Tyler's Ice Cream to push for two touchdowns before the last tick of the time clock.

A quick push by the Satos put six more points on the scoreboard with a touchdown run by Josh Sato breaking away from the Beach House defenders. Intense defense by Moss prevented the extra point, leaving the score at 22-19. Jason Sato finished the game with 205 passing yards, with 120 receiving yards by Josh Sato and an additional 35 and 40 receiving yards by N. and B. Sato.

Team Beach House Real Estate took over on offense with under a minute left on the game clock. Scrambling to make something happen, Tyler's Ice Cream fought hard to get the football back. Purvis' quick handoff to Mickan gained yardage before Tyler's Ice Cream was called for a penalty that ended the game.

Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, September 6

Youth Basketball

Five-to Nine-Year Old League

Sugar Beach Digital 12 (5-0)
Salty Printing 1 (0-5)

The Waterfront 5 (1-4)
Harry's Grill 10 (4-1)

Thursday, September 8

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Beach House Real Estate 22 (2-1)
Tyler's Ice Cream 19 (1-2)

Progressive Cabinetry 19 (2-1)
Blake Medical Center 12 (0-3)

Mason Martin 27 (3-0)
Anna Maria CrossFit 6 (1-2)

Coldwell Banker 21 (1-2)
Moss Builders 34 (2-1)

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