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Vol. 17 No. 32 - May 24, 2017


The big kids are back on the field: Summer adult soccer begins

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With seven games on the schedule leading to the playoffs, The Center's adult co-ed soccer league launched another season on the big field. The eight teams played four games Thursday night to start the compressed summer season leading to the championship game in July.

Nate Talucci came out of retirement as a team captain this season to coach his nephew Jacob Talucci, returning to the Island after a successful semester at college in Montana. Talucci packed his team with talent and friends, looking forward to a competitive and fun season.

Talucci's team, sponsored by Moss Builders, includes soccer powerhouses Lexi Sato, Matt Kretzmann and Rico Beissert. Players in their own right, David Greene and Jesse Brisson, longtime friends of Talucci, bring their speed and tenacity to the team along with goalie Shawn McCarthy and Mike Brusso who displayed his athletic talent on the baseball diamond before hitting the soccer field in the adult league.

Similarly, team captain Kris Yavalar picked his close friend Damir Glavan in the second round to represent Anna Maria CrossFit. Yavalar and Glavan have played together in the league and in weekly Island pick-up games for years. Their field chemistry is combined with the strong play of BJ Grant, Brent Laudicinia and Cory Wash. Shawn Kaleta, Camel Duzgun, Ken Richards and Murat Akay add consistent play to team, along with Angela Wiles.

Team Anna Maria CrossFit edged out Moss Builders in the first game of the night through the rain and first game jitters. In the goal for AM CrossFit, Kaleta is credited with three saves, and Laudicina kept four out of the net. Yavalar and Wiles both made the stat sheet with a goal each. The power legs of Glavan eluded McCarthy twice, putting up two goals of his own.

In the tough match-up Green, Kretzmann and Brisson each had their own scoring successes. McCarthy denied Anna Maria CrossFit five goals keeping the score close.

Team Slim's Place, captained by co-owner PJ Smargisso, suffered a big loss on Thursday with a six-point deficit against Sato Real Estate. Smargisso's team include the husband and wife team of Mike and Nikki Kaleta, friend and top draft pick Aaron Parkin, goalie Jason Sato, defending machine Oliver Petereit, and flag football dynamo Charles Buky. Nate Welch works the field with team lead scorer Yorvi Moreira. Smargisso's most important pick in the draft room was Stephanie Ankiel, mainstay defender and Smargisso's bride-to-be.

Lead by captain Josh Sato, Adam Mott rocked the game with five goals. Sato's Chris Klotz, Chelsea Hoffner and Jake Parsons each put points on the scoreboard for their team. In the goal, returning to his helm, Jordan Demers saved four goals in the game. John Coleman brings his talents to the team, while Lyn Clark returns for yet another season keeping retirement from the pitch at bay.

Scoring machine Kevin Roman sat out the first game of the season due to an off-season injury. The team looks forward to his return before playoffs.

In the third game of the night, Team Mulock Flynn Law woke the sleeping Ross Built Construction team with two quick goals even though they came up short in the end. Without a true goalie, missing Ryan Moss, team captain Sean Flynn and Nathan Kragt both put on the goalie penny and worked the box for their team. Kragt also added a point to the scoreboard for his team.

Despite missing Tony Shard and Cortni Wash, Flynn's team played impressively through 46 minutes of play. Omar Polar returned to the league with two goals in the game. Injured Darrin Wash played the game to give his team support on the field, and Jessica Williams returned to play another season showing why she is a force to be reckoned with on any team.

With the Circharo brothers on Team Ross Built, the team has a foundation of size, strength, speed and soccer talent. After a slow first half, Vince and Chris Circharo both became scoring machines with goals and assists in the team's win.

The Chicharos have five goals between them, with the addition of a laser shot by Greg Ross and perfect placement for a goal by Chandler Hardy. Hardy returns to the community center field after a long absence while off at Louisiana State University. Defenders Max Gazzo and Rainia Lardas continue to control the backfield.

New to Team Ross Built, Chris Culhane brings his speed and agility, while Steve Oelfke plays strong in any position on the field. Richard Fosmore returns to the team, saving three goals in the game.

The last game of the night was a battle of speed and field position. Captain Frank Agnelli wisely picked dentist Andrew Lewis in the first round and gave his team solid players like Matt Plummer, Tara Stutts and goalie Ben Sato.

Agnelli started the season off right with two goals. Lewis, Sato and Stutts were each credited with goals of their own in the Team Lancaster Design victory over Team Acqua Aveda. Yuri Pereira, Shay Coleman and Mirek and Margaret Binecki each played their part in the win.

Despite the loss to Lancaster Design, Eric Pullen's Acqua Aveda team did not go down without a fight. With his brother Tyler on the island field for the first time in the league, the Pullens each scored a goal. Speedy Ray Gardner hit the net with a goal of his own.

Back in the goal, veteran keeper Scott Rudacille saved five goals. Jenn Sayko and Kiri Stewart made their presence known on the field along with Scott Eason and James Lynch. Rounding out the talented team roster, Pullen selected Joey Azar and Ed Moss, creating a team that could potentially run away with the championship.

Sun Scoreboard
Saturday, May 13

Youth Soccer: 8- to 10-Year-Old League

Wash Family Construction 3
Progressive Cabinetry 7

Truly Nolen 4
Slim's Place 4

Thursday, May 18

Adult Co-Ed Soccer

Moss Builders 3
Anna Maria CrossFit 4

Slim's Place 3
Sato Real Estate 9

Ross Built Construction 7
Mulock Flynn Law 4

Lancaster Design 5
Acqua Aveda 3

Saturday, May 20

Youth Soccer: 8- to 10-Year-Old League

#3 Slim's Place 5
#2 Progressive Cabinetry 3

#1 Truly Nolen 4
#4 Wash Family Construction 4

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