Vol. 17 No. 41 - July 26, 2017


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryBye bye, Baby Snoots

BRADENTON – Manatee County’s official mascot, Snooty the manatee, drowned on Sunday, July 23, a day after his 69th birthday party at the Parker Aquarium at the South Florida Museum.

The air-breathing marine mammal apparently swam through an open access panel that is normally bolted shut at all four corners and became trapped in a small area used to access the aquarium’s life support system equipment, according to museum officials. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryMarine Rescue chief hoping for more prevention

BRADENTON BEACH – Lifeguards in the towers keep a close eye on what’s happening at Coquina Beach and Manatee County Beach in the water, in the sand and sometimes in the parking lot. They blow their whistles if swimmers go out too far or get too rowdy, and they are always aware of rip currents and incoming thunderstorms.

It used to be a laid back situation, especially after school starts, but as vacationers discovered our beautiful beaches, they filled out the down times, and now it’s full speed ahead on every good beach weather day. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryCenter presents budget to the public

ANNA MARIA — The 2017-18 fiscal year began for the Center of Anna Maria Island July 1 and a new budget is being released to the public.

During a July 19 public meeting, Center Executive Director Kristen Lessig, Board Chair David Zaccagnino and staff members presented a summarized version of the nonprofit’s proposed budget and business plan for the fiscal year to the community.

Zaccagnino opened the meeting by saying the budget for this fiscal year is based on “realistic expectations” with regards to revenue and expenditures. More...

Investigation into dune destruction continues

Work at 102 77th St., Holmes Beach, remains at a standstill while seaward environmental destruction is investigated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Holmes Beach Building Official Jim McGuinness said the removal of sea grapes, sea oats, dunes and mangroves is still under investigation by supervisors at the DEP. Until the investigation is complete, a stop-work order put in place by McGuinness remains in effect.

The property is owned by Gulf Front Paradise, LLC.

McGuinness placed a stop-work order on the address July 7 after it was discovered the area cleared at the western end of the property exceeded the space allowed to be disturbed by a DEP permit. More...

Island mayors voice traffic study concerns

LONGBOAT KEY — The Sarasota/Manatee Barrier Island Traffic Study is underway, but the Island mayors aren’t happy with how things are being handled.

During the July 19 Coalition of Barrier Island Elected Officials meeting held at Longboat Key Town Hall, Holmes Beach Mayor Bob Johnson said he was unhappy with the direction of the study and lack of communication from the Florida Department of Transportation and Stantec, the contractor conducting the study.

“There’s really no roadmap forward on this study at all,” he said. “The real issue is there’s no communication of the process going on.”


BIEO members discuss ongoing projects

LONGBOAT KEY — Just because the summer season is winding down, it doesn’t mean that projects are stopping in the Island municipalities.

Members of the Coalition of Barrier Island Elected Officials met July 19 at Longboat Key Town Hall to discuss ongoing projects and issues with the potential to affect other Island communities.

Vacation rental regulations

Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy told the other Island mayors his city’s commission is considering submitting a line of vacation rental regulation for consideration to be added to the current state legislation. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story'Merman' sighted in Bradenton Beach

BRADENTON BEACH – The mysterious and mythical “Merman” was spotted again last week near the BeachHouse restaurant in Bradenton Beach.

Several beachgoers and passersby reported encounters with the part-man, part-mermaid who enjoys lounging in surf and frolicking in the sand and is known to be sociable and camera-friendly. Usually seen alone, it is not known whether Merman has a mermaid companion that accompanies him on his travels in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

BeachHouse Chef Donald White says Merman appears on the beach from time to time and that’s about all he knows about the colorful local character.


WMFR readies non-transport ALS service

BRADENTON — West Manatee Fire Rescue’s non-transport advanced life support program is well on its way to becoming a reality.

During the July 20 board of commissioners meeting, Chief Tom Sousa presented commissioners with a business plan to get the program up and running. He estimates the entire program will take a total of four years to launch at the district’s three fire stations. The plan is to launch one non-transport ALS fire engine each fiscal year.

Once engines are equipped with trained personnel and ALS equipment, firefighters will be able to provide the same services to the public as paramedics without the capability to transport patients to the hospital. In order to provide the service, firefighters are required to cross-train as paramedics, completing 1,100 hours of schooling along with two months of on-the-job training with certified paramedics. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryLocals know best

I had just turned 20 when I got a job leading events around the country. This would usually mean too many airport meals and about five nights a week in cities where I had never been. Which resulted in basically saying goodbye to home-cooking and depending solely on eating every meal out. It was like my very own broke college kid version of "Eat, Pray, Love," but more like eating a lot, praying I don’t get sick and loving every indulgent bite. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Fly casting essentials

Whether you’re a beginning fly fisher or a proficient caster, it’s important to understand the essentials of fly casting. It’s important to know that there is no right or wrong casting style. Fly casting is governed by physics, and there are some essentials that every angler must master, no matter their individual skills or styles. This is the difference between the art (style) and science (physics) of the cast.

It’s important for beginners to understand that fly casting is a lifelong learning experience that can be practice at 9 or 99. Different people learn at a different pace. Some people pick up casting quickly and then plateau. Others start slow, but when they finally get it they’ve got it. More...

real estate

Cube in the sky

Last week we talked about buying a condo and some of the unique features of owning a condo. This week we’ll review some of the more legal aspect of buying into a Florida condo association or what some describe as a cube in the sky.

Condos may be a cube, but they do have specific legal descriptions, much like a single-family home. The buyer of a condominium purchases title to a unit, usually in a fee simple ownership, again just like a single-family home. A condo owner’s exclusive ownership generally extends to the inside of the wall coverings of the condo and includes a proportional share of the common elements, although I have read this interpretation could change from state to state. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StorySharky's is now an international affair

BRADENTON BEACH – The five friends from Rome, Italy, who make up the new ownership group at Sharky's Steak & Seagrill, are settling nicely into their new roles as Anna Maria Island restauranteurs.

Last October, Cristina Delle Macchie, Mario Procopio, Silvia Sanges, Emilio Vardaro and Nadia Rossi bought the 80-seat restaurant space at 2519 Gulf Dr. N., and they now share the ownership and operational responsibilities.

Due to immigration laws, the Italian business partners take turns spending three months at a time on the Island. Delle Macchie and Procopio are currently in town, and they sat down last week to discuss their new American venture. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StorySato Real Estate Hayward Cup champions: Undefeated to the end

The summer co-ed adult soccer league at the community center came to an end Thursday night with the heat, mosquitoes, friends, family and fellow players ready to see the crowning of the Paul "Ace" Hayward Cup champions.

Josh Sato, captain of Team Sato Real Estate, and Nate Talucci, captain of Team Moss Builders, met at mid-field for the traditional coin flip. The game of the season started with much anticipation as Moss Builders found its stride in the season and Sato Real Estate could not be beat.

The first 23 minutes of play showed why Moss Builders was in the championship game. Playing with smart defense, Talucci's team kept it close and entertained spectators.

Quick goals by Chris Klotz, for Sato Real Estate, and Matt Kretzmann, for Moss Builders, lit up the scoreboard three minutes into the game.

Goalkeeper Shawn McCarthy saved a Sato Real Estate shot, but could not hold on to the ball, giving Klotz a corner kick. With a goal in sight, the kick intended for Jake Parsons was saved by McCarthy putting the soccer ball back at the feet of Moss Builders. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Eliza Ann off to the turtle races

Eliza Ann is warmed up and ready to race beginning Aug. 1 in the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s Tour de Turtle migration marathon.

The race’s object is to gather information on sea turtle migration, including the distance they cover and where they go. Turtles in the race are scored on how many miles they swim during the race period.

Loggerhead Eliza Ann nested on Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island the night of June 19 and was fitted with a satellite transmitter, released the next morning, and tracked by the Sea Turtle Conservancy in cooperation with Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch. More...

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