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Vol. 17 No. 43 - August 9, 2017


Watch out for our future

With all the news about murders and robberies recently, there’s still a ray of light in the fact that school started last Thursday at Anna Maria Elementary School.

AME, as we refer to the school, holds its A rating from year to year due in large part to the positive attitude of staff and parents, which instills a desire among the students to succeed. Excellence is not a rarity at AME; it’s the standard.

Located on Anna Maria Island Sound and a little more than two blocks from the Gulf, kids get a first-hand look at life in the sea, which leads to awareness of how fragile our environment is.

If you get a chance, call the school and arrange to pay a visit. They always need volunteers to work one on one with students having trouble learning a subject.

The PTO is very active and the parents find time to help make the learning experience better. You can follow the school's activities by reading The Sun. In addition, there is a PTO dinner once a month, offered at a very affordable price. The evening includes a student play, making for a truly enjoyable experience.

As the rest of the world deals with its problems and mean-spirited people try to get their way, the staff at the school has Peace Day every year, where they are taught to deal with situations without using violence.

Students also get instruction on avoiding things that are bad for them; namely drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Holmes Beach Police officer Josh Fleischer teaches the class and for many of the kids, it’s their first chance to see a police officer up close.

Finally, we ask that you use caution while driving past the school, especially as students arrive or leave for home. They are our future and we want it to be bright.

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