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Vol. 17 No. 43 - August 9, 2017


Time management and determination: Mantra for life and adult flag football

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

monica simpson | SUN

Jesse Griffin, for Team Avis, makes a leaping catch near
the end zone with the pressure of Team Beach Bum's
Chad Woods ready to make the stop.

Starting the second week of adult flag football at the Anna Maria Island’s community center, the lights lit up the field on Tuesday and Thursday night missing the poor weather that rocked the area.

On Thursday night, Team Avis and Team Beach Bums went head-to-head and rocked the football field with never say die play by both teams.

Team captain Charles Buky wisely used the clock to his advantage as he lead his team, Beach Bums, to a come from behind win. Without their team captain Lexi Sato, her veteran player brother-in-law, Jason Sato, took over the leadership position for Team Avis.

Despite having the numbers stacked against it with only four players making the game time roster, Team Avis made a great showing for the full 40 minutes of play. Starting the scoring run, Sato hit the hot hands of Jesse Griffin early in the game putting six points on the scoreboard. Chris Sullins followed up with the extra point to put Avis in the lead 7-0.

Buky lead the charge trying to answer back with authority with receptions by Jay Hoffmeister to gain the first down and catches by Chad Woods Geoff Evans to get into scoring position. The drive got cut short without points on the board with an interception in the end zone by quarterback Sato.

Griffin was Sato’s target on the next offensive possession, quickly scoring another touchdown for Avis. Mike Brusso, having perhaps his strongest season at the community center, scored the point after advancing his team’s lead to 14-0.

Ready to score, Karri Stephens got the call with a quick receptions and yards after the catch to put his team near the end zone. Buky found Hoffmeister in the corner for Beach Bums’ first touchdown of the game. Woods put a point on the scoreboard with his reception, closing the scoring gap back to seven points.

With an illegal rush called on Beach Bums’ Lyn Puskas who was lined up past the designated rush line, Sato’s Team Avis found itself a little closer to its next score. One first down with a minute left on the first half game clock, Griffin caught the pass near mid-field.

The incomplete pass by Sullins took it to third down. Griffin made the much needed reception and cross the first down line before the Woods flag pull, giving Avis three more snaps of the football.

Feeling the quick paced pressure by Chris Culhane, Sato managed to get the pass off, hitting Sullins for the touchdown. The failed point after attempt left the score at 20-7, with the four man team of Avis leading going into the second half of play.

Under the cloudy skies, Team Avis started on offense. Half-time game planning by Team Beach Bums worked and its defense kept Sato’s team out of the end zone.

Stephens’ seven-yard gain was followed by a catch by Woods, taking Beach Bums to third down. After the snap, Buky hit Stephens for the touchdown and point after moving the score to 20-13.

Leading by seven points, Avis took the field determined to keep the point spread. Griffin broke away from the defensive pack after a quick pitch from Sato, racing down the length of the field past the last defender Evans. The bad snap on the point after play left the score 26-13.

Buky scored a touchdown of his own during the next possession by changing up the snap, giving him the chance to run the ball. Stephens’ point after put Beach Bums within five points of Avis.

Avis could not score on its next set of downs despite a nice first down play by Sato to Griffin. Forcing the ball into the end zone, Sato’s pass was intercepted by Woods, giving the ball back to Beach Bums with three minutes left on the game clock and the score 26-21.

With the unsuccessful extra point conversion now haunting Team Avis, Buky lead his team as QB. Setting himself up to keep the football with a run-pass option, Buky kept the football with Brusso hot on his heels. Sato stopped the play with a flag pull preventing Buky from scoring.

Years of experience playing at the community center and wise clock management benefited Team Beach Bums as Buky let seconds tick off the game clock taking it down to the last minute of play.

Griffin’s leaping defensive play resulted in an incomplete pass to Woods in the end zone, taking play to a crucial third down. As the rusher, Sato sprinted the seven yards past the line of scrimmage trying to get to the quarterback for the sack.

Eluding the defensive pressure, Buky hit Woods for the touchdown reception in the end zone, leaving 35 seconds on the clock. The point after attempt to Puskas was no good, but Beach Bums ended its offensive possession with its first lead in the game with the score 26-27.

Team Avis ended the game back on offense, knowing if it had not missed an extra point the game would now be tied. Stephens broke up the first down play, and Sato could not gain any yardage on second down.

The game of the week came down to the last play. Team Beach Bums

showed its strongest defense of the game keeping the three Avis players covered downfield. Griffin, Sullins and Brusso could not break free, forcing Sato to throw the ball at the last second. The football hit the hands of Buky for a near interception, putting the last nail in to end the game.

Even without three of its top players, L. Sato, Nick Sato and Danny Murphy, Team Avis came out and handedly held its own against the full squad of Team Beach Bums until the very end. In a game where the extra points can make the difference, it became a numbers game both with the score and the clock – every point matters and every second matters.

Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, Aug. 1

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Avis 34
Truly Nolen 0

Mason Martin 34
Beach House Real Estate 20

Beach House Real Estate 21
Moss Builders 14

Thursday, Aug. 3

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Avis 26
Beach Bums 27

Mason Martin 32
Moss Builders 13

Truly Nolen 18
Talucci Construction 33

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